First and foremost, Ordering Wedding planners to help with your wedding is highly recommended by ORDERWEDDINGS.COM. While they may appear to be an additional expenditure at first, they can save you from overspending and lower stress in the long term. They keep you on track, carry out your vision, precisely manage the budget (including seeking discounts where feasible), and carry out day-of coordination so you can be present with your spouse.

If hiring a wedding planner is not a important, realistic, or financially feasible option for you and your soon-to-be spouse, try ordering a day-of coordinator. Rather than assisting you with the full process, they will assist you in coordinating what you have put together yourself, and they may be able to fill in any gaps in areas you may have neglected. This actually makes a difference since it allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your wedding day as much as possible rather than….NOT!

Complimentary Wedding Concierge Services

That being said, we here at are glad to introduce you to Wedding Concierge Services. This is a completely free service offered by with the purpose of saving time and expedite wedding planning for any engaged couples who may just want minor wedding planning support. It was made specifically for couples who wish to simplify their time invested in wedding preparation without sacrificing all the attention to details involved in wedding planning.

In this article we purpose to explain the 3 different ways(?) to use Wedding Concierge Services.

1. DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

After searching and filtering (based on style and budget), a bride-to-be is able to review a vendor’s full business details, watch their videos, look at reviews of other brides, and even see their packages and pricing.

2.DIT- Do-It-Together

You tell us what you want. We gather you your options.
This type of service was created for the engaged couples who want to streamline their wedding planning by using our real-life wedding experts as virtual wedding best friends. Your digital Wedding Concierge streamlines and reduces the time it takes into finding who does what by delivering your tailored options directly to you hand, allowing you to save upwards of 50-70 hours often spent on meetings and research.

Not only that but you can also ORDER and reserve your local vendors services directly through your wedding concierge. This saves you from having to find time to schedule meetings to talk about their services and pricing. Also it prevents you from having to deal with checking for availability, sales pitches, back and forth email correspondence etc. Our Concierges fully invest themselves and their knowledge into helping engaged couples remove the stress and clicks that it takes to plan out a wedding.

3. Do-it-For Me (D.I.F.M)

This style allows an engaged couple to not just get help with a single vendor, or a small grouping of vendors. This type of service is reserved for the couple who knows what they want and don’t want, yet doesn’t have the time to plan out a wedding at all. They turn in their wants and requirements and our concierges come back with all the turn key vendor options that fit in your style and budget. This allows you to customize your day by investing into the things that are important, and allowing your concierge to help with the rest.


To sign up for complimentary wedding concierge services and take advantage of any of the streamlined services explained above, along with the other perks and benefits offered to engaged couples, visit and Register your Engagement.
If you “Start With Order, You Will End With Order!”

If you “Start With Order, You Will End With Order!”

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